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All Players, Parents, and Coaches are expected to abide by and adhere to the following code of conduct:

One of the core values of this organization is: "Winning is fun, losing is feedback". Neither one define us. We compete to learn while we strive to win, but we will not sacrifice our character to accomplish either one.

Our goals for our teams are players learn to play offense, defense, learn how to think strategically, learn how to put the team first, learn how to overcome adversity, learn how to win and lose with class and learn how to show respect for the game.

Athletes are expected to arrive on time. If they will be late or cannot make practice a text, email, or phone call is required. We will return your child positive and confident. Please return them to practice that way. There will be no coaching from the sidelines. Your daughter's ability to play the game and have fun is hindered by shouting things about what she should do or is doing wrong.